Meet 12 year old Daniel Bissonnette, the world’s most influential 12 year old keynote speaker and author in the Health field.
Since the age of 9 Daniel has been speaking on stages of leading health events across Canada and US among world renowned experts. To name a few are Longevity Now Conference, Vancouver Health Show, Victoria Health Show, Calgary Health Show, the Veg-Expo, VegFest, Non-GMO Show and David Wolfe’s events….

Daniel’s exceptional knowledge on health and nutrition accompanies by powerful presentation style and a dash of humor has allowed him to get on board and tour as a signature speaker with Western Canada’s Premier Consumer Health Shows.

His unusual magnetic persona has also opened doors to being invited on popular radio networks like CKNW with Lynda Steele, The Peak 102.7 as well as be featured in magazines like Common Ground, Metro Mews and MacLean’s.

Daniel is remarkably gifted at winning the hearts of his audience every single time. Determined to make an impact and help kids and families eat better he’s given over 100 presentations. He authored a book: Daniel’s Breakfast Burst, launched a show on his YouTube channel with weekly episodes and produced a short documentary ICEKID exploring the capabilities of the Human Mind.

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