Daniel’s Breakfast Burst




Daniel’s Breakfast Burst…A note to Kids… Have you ever wondered what a Super version of you would be like? What would you look like and how would you feel in your body? Well… This might just be your lucky day… You see…Daniel’s Breakfast Burst is one of the best magic spell books of all times… It is not your average, ordinary recipe book as it appears to most people…the truth is it’s more than meets the eye.

What it is in fact is a book of Magic, with Potion Concoctions to Unlock your Super Powers! You see, we thought food was just calories our body uses for energy, but it turns out it’s information that can reprogram and transform your body… to be faster, stronger, smarter, more resilient…the possibilities areendless …It can repair, recharge and upgrade you to that next level, so you can become the Ultimate You! And the foods you’re going to work with every morning were specifically chosen because they contain important nutrients and magical compounds that can help you unlock your Potential.But You probably already know that the right foods can do wonders while the wrong foods can rob you of yoursuperpowers, weaken you, slow you down and burden your system… In essence, they deny you of your GREATNESS.

But with Daniel’s Breakfast Burst, you’ll have a blueprint of over an entire month of delicious life-changingrecipes. Fresh fruity, Coconut Creamy, Minty Green, or Rich Chocolaty Breakfast choices so your family will beon its way to Rock the Day! And you my friend, will be on your path to activate the Ultimate Super You you’ve always dreamed ofbecoming!!!
And that is my promise to you!


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