Genius Activation Private Coaching Program

The genius activation Private coaching program Is practical step by step Private coaching, that takes you on a quantum leap Beyond “Good Health” and “peak Performance” revealing the 13 keys Customizing the process of Unlocking your Genius Expression In the quickest and most efficient way. in the program you will learn:


Key 1
Genius Mode and the Science of alerting our biology to unlock GREATNESS

Key 2
You could be De-Activating your GENIUS daily without knowing it!?
The top 3 GENIUS De-Activators and how to “Delete” them
from your life.

Key 3
Why are the People of Okinawa the Most Long-Lived on Earth?
Secrets to Longevity.

Key 4
Your body is only as GENIUS as what you put into it!

  • The 91 Minerals to GENIUS
  • 98% of all the molecules in your body are replaced each year.
  • What they are replaced with is up to you!
  • Food is more than Calories, its Information!

Key 5
Activated Nutrition – “Food Prep Hacks” for Maximizing Nutrient Absorption.
The Art and Science of combining specific Nutrients to enhance benefits.

Key 6
The “Window of Opportunity” – Your body is “Primed” to absorb Nutrients during
this time of the day…

Key 7
How to Rewire your Second Brain to GENIUS – PsychoBiotics – The Genius
Microorganisms living in your Gut

Key 8
How to REWIRE your 1st Brain to GENIUS – Neuroplasticity.

Key 9
Cold Immersion – The Biology of Resilience.

Key 10
Control your BREATH, control your State of Mind, control your Emotions,
The BOX Breathing Technique.

Key 12
Sleep right to Awaken your GENIUS.
The 5 sleep hacks

Key 13
LIGHT use it Right!

And for the video just say coming soon